Credit to 100 Million Skilled Blue-collar Workers in India

Our deep driving purpose: a massive transformation in the Indian financial system. We use the world’s most cutting-edge advancements in Computer Science to make this possible. We use Alternative Data to assess creditworthiness and give cash loans at low-interest rates to deserving, skilled workers.

79% of Indians don't have credit scores

Our current market size is 100 million urban skilled workers

By 2025, credit demand in India is set to rise to $335 billion

Our credit engine uses alternative data to give skilled workers loans

Our Team

Poshak Agarwal

Co-founder and CEO
Poshak graduated from Princeton University in Economics and Finance. Back in India, he founded his first company, Athena Education, one of the most renowned in its segment in India. During his years at Princeton, he worked at Fortress Investment Group, as one of the only two summer analysts.

Arman Suleimenov

Co-founder and CTO
Arman received his Masters in Computer Science from Princeton University. Prior to Hora, he was a 2x ACM ICPC World Finalist and worked at a Y-Combinator funded company. He also founded a successful mobile app studio and project-based programming school.

Rahul Subramaniam

Co-founder and Director
Rahul studied Politics and Economics at Princeton University, where he examined political and economic reforms in both China and India and how lessons from China are applicable to India. He co-founded Athena Education and garnered the insights he will bring to HORA.

Marcelo Yaluk

Co-founder and Director
Marcelo is Hora’s first investor. In addition to his ventures in South America, he is part of the founding team and a major shareholder of Pasfin, a corporate lending business with a consumer lending wing. Pasfin is one of the institutional founders of the first credit bureau of NBFCs in Paraguay.

Our Investors

Technology: Amit Singhal

Former Global Head of Search at Google

Finance: Yuvraj Singh

Co-founder of DMI finance - a $2.2B alternative lending company in India.

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